Maybe it's the change of seasons...

The weather finally snapped over here…
It was blazing hot one day and the next it was Fall. It’s the way it goes around here.
I feel like our family never really had a Summer this year. No vacation, no toes in an inch of sand, no real garden time. It was like we completely missed an entire season to this home build.
Not complaining just sort of melancholy about it all…dreaming about the Spring already and trying to figure out how I am going to spend my Winter.
I am NOT meant for Winter. I absolutely hate the cold…dislike the snow…and don’t get me started with the what it’s like to keep 6 people healthy through the cold and flu season.
If I was someone prone to depression I would probably spend every Winter all Winter depressed.
But I am not. I am that eternal optimist so alas I shall try and find my “cup half full” stuff to focus on for the next handful of months.

First things first.
Drainage. Guys I can’t even begin to tell you the sheer amount of drainage issues we have going on over here. I have so many drainage ditches to build and drainage pipes to lay before the ground freezes. If I don’t get a handle on it now I will spend my entire Spring having to work on it instead of the new gardens…and you guys know the gardens are where I want to be!
Did I mention we are 2 months out from closing on this house and STILL waiting for the builder to finish the walk through punch list. I have just about zero hopes that anything that goes wrong with this house will ever have the builder back to fix.
We are supposed to hand them a 90 day punch list and the running joke is that it’s just a piece of paper they hand you at closing to try and make you feel better but that they truly will never fix anything on that list.
If they do we will be shocked. I mean we literally don’t even have our real mailbox yet.
2 months later. I personally could have built one by hand at this point myself.
If you ever wonder why I am not hiring out the drainage work here’s what you should know about subcontractors and Tisha’s personal experiences with them.
They rarely, if ever, give you what they promised. They seldom show up when they say they will. Lying to your face is just standard practice. IF they actually show up and do work don’t expect it to be to your standards. Your house is not their house and they just want to get in and get out with the bare minimum level of work and they probably won’t come back to finish without you calling/texting/begging them to finish what they started.
If you want something done right…just do it yourself. No really just do it right the first time.
I have found exactly one subcontractor that I can call to do work on time, to my standards and I love working with them. 804restore. God bless Scott.
So yes their are some out there…but guys it’s just not worth hiring out if I can just do it myself.

In other news.
We bought a truck…


Yeah me! I am now a gal that drives a truck.
I am having a deep love affair with the Tundra. I have always want a Toyota Sequoia back when we needed a third row but we no longer need a third row…the Tundra is the same vehicle basically but with the third row and trunk space turned into a truck bed.

Men have been holding out from us woman. Telling us that somehow a truck is a “man’s vehicle” but the truth is it really should be the mom-mobile. Let me tell ya…there is nothing like loading that thing up with groceries and plenty of space for kids for days.
No more worries about hitting curbs…I can just drive ride over them🙌🏼
You guys knew I needed one though…Daryl just couldn’t watch me cram one more bail of straw/dirt/plants into the back of a Honda Pilot. It was just painful to watch.

shalom farms

I am ready to hit the road this Spring and visit as many farms as I can.
I have big dreams of one day hitting farms across the country. I am literally fascinated by how, what and where farmers grow our food.
100% geek over here. It must have something to do with the history lover in me? Perhaps it’s the family history…farmers and military. Seemed to be my families theme for like a century.
I find the different styles and method endlessly interesting and my camera doesn’t seem to mind me dragging it all over the place either. I maybe too old to start my own farm (that ship has sailed) but I keep thinking that maybe that wasn’t God’s plan for me. Maybe THIS was the plan all along? Being a documentarian of the hard work these men and woman are doing to keep our food system alive. Did you know:

I have this nagging in the back of my head that I need to document these farmers and the incredibly hard work they are doing to put food on our table.
I see first hand the struggle they go through year after year…the passion and love they have for their work.
For me there is something about being alone on a farm at sunset or crack of dawn just capturing what I see…so much beauty. It’s peaceful and fulfilling for me.
My happy place. A “passion project” for sure. One I can’t really explain…other than I suppose it’s a calling just the same as any other we humans tend to get.
I want to eventually get a camper to throw on the back but for now will probably just settle for the tent and mattress that you can pop on the back of the bed of the truck.

This week I am hoping to head to the mountains on for some hiking and nature photography. Our leaf change is really going pretty slow this year but I need more apples and time lost in my head. As I grow older I find I am becoming more and more introverted. Anyone else find this has happened to them?
I could literally go days without speaking to another human. Lost in reading, cooking and making crafts or shooting nature/food. It’s like my spirit just craves quiet.
Maybe it’s all the years of raising the crew. Maybe it’s just back to the change of seasons…that lifting of the vail that this time of year brings?
It’s a time for the world to go still…rest and regroup.
Whatever it is I am going to respect the need for that slow down and seeking out the alone.
Happy Fall y’all! Get out there and find sometime to enjoy nature.
It truly is where happiness lives.

Shalom Farms