The beauty in the little things...

Like standing in Lowe’s garden center at the EXACT moment the clerk goes around and puts up 50% off sign on ALL of their trees and shrubs…
You guys I can’t even. It was like my very own blessing from the heavens above. Like God looked down and said “Tisha you now how 2+ acres of space to build your little garden haven…here’s a gift to get started. No really I want you to do this! Just use your Lowe’s card.”
Ok well maybe he didn’t add in that last part but come on! It had to be destined.
How many times in life have you had such a random thing happen. “Hey you want all these trees? I will just mark it all down to half off for ya.”
Nope never happens like that.
And a truck…Guys I have now owned this truck for a solid week and not a single day has gone by without that back bed filled to the brim with something. I have even cleaned out a storage unit…almost. I still have one more truck load today.
If ever there was a gal who needed a truck it was me.
Trucks were also my destiny ;-)

On bramble Hill

I had actually gone to Lowe’s to pick up drainage stuff but after gabbing with two pro’s who were also purchasing stuff for their days clients they talked me out of it and into calling my counties home inspectors instead.
After watching all my pics and video’s of our crazy drainage issues they were like “This never should have passed zoning in the first place. You have to call and get them back out there to explain why and how they ever passed that and then talk to the builder about what they will be doing to help first before you sink the money into this project. it’s simply to big and part of poor drainage development and building.” Don’t even get me started on what the retaining wall folks are saying about the drainage issues on the wall and how that should have been built with gravel behind the wall and not clay soil. We are looking at months of repairs over here…heck maybe years before the drainage is right at the rate we are going.
But again…God lives at Lowe’s y’all. I’m convinced.
Or at least he sends ya just what/who you need just when you need them.
Well and we all know the best people live in home improvement stores. Right?

I think I am past being upset about it all…I am kindof resigned to the fact that we were 100% wrong with our vision of what building a new home would look like.
When you build a home from scratch you think “Hey I am going to build a brand new house and I won’t have to do a thing to is for at least 5 years. It will be new so I can just sit back and live the easy life without fixing toilets or floors (or insert whatever home repair you hate doing).”
Did I mention our kitchen floor is buckling under the weight of our fridge? Yep they let the wood sit in 6” of water too long. We know that’s what it is but shall add it to the 90 day punch list.
It’s a battle for another day.

The hard core truth that nobody tells you…when you build a house you spend endless amounts of time “fixing” a million little human errors. Let’s face it, every house is built by humans.
Humans make mistakes. Apparently lots of them.
AND it’s not just our builder. I work at the home decor store and work with new home owners everyday that I work. I can tell you that we ALL seem to be dealing with this. I have yet to have a single customer say “Oh I loved building our new house I would totally do it again!”
Typically I will ask “Would you build again?”
The answer is always a loud “No way!” as they shake their head with a look of horror upon their face just at the thought of going through it again.

Now there is one group of new home owners that are fairly happy with their builds. They are the speck home buyers. They basically have the brand new shiny house without the years worth of nightmare getting to that finished product. They also seem to not have the same issues with the little details. Sometimes I think perhaps it’s because the builder knows that the house they are building has to be solid or it is going to sit without an owner? Maybe building a house knowing you already have a buyer simply doesn’t require the attention to detail?
Who knows…
Moral of the story…find a nice older house (or a speck home) with lovely bones, buy it, fix it up and guess what…you will have grass. Oh how I miss grass.
I am not going to sulk about grass though. It’s the least of my problems right now.
I may or may not have given up on grass and just threw clover seeds out all over the yard ;-)
Now THAT will be lucky. I am hoping for some four leaf clovers next Spring…lol.

I do look at my lack of grass as a bonus to getting my garden beds in. Guess what I don’t have to do? Dig up grass, till or weed (granted I would love weeds right now).
I am debating where to put the main garden. Do I put boxes going down the hill to the side of the house (super steep) or do I put them solidly across the back yard…..or do I put them on the upper part of the front side yard that is a bit flatter….you guys know if I had it my way I would just put them in all three spots.
Daryl would not like that much though I am thinking…bahahahha😂

I have decided that living out here has done me zero favors in feeding my introvert side. I swear I could go days without seeing another human and be totally fine. I can’t decide if my lack of being social these days comes from the move out here, the current state of the unkind world or just the shift in life as the older two are getting ready to jump the nest. All this change. Makes a gal just wanna hide for a few months and reboot.
I do a ton of escaping into books these days and writing. Lord is this place a writers paradise.

I have been reading Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess & Moxie. Sweet friends it has been DECADES since a religious leader has had my attention. I simply have so many people I love dearly that fall into all the groups and categories of imperfection or difference that the churches in my part of the world preach against.
When I hear a preacher say “love thy neighbor” then turn around and spit out “but not this one or this one…” I literally just get up and walk out. No really this happened a few years ago. I scooped up my kiddo and we walked right out mid-sermon. Never even looked back.
I gave up even trying to find a church after that round. Done. Square peg, round hole.
Nature is my cathedral and place to worship. Always has been and probably always will be.

Recently an online reader/friend suggested I start following Jen on IG.
I listen to you guys, I really do.
I instantly was like “THIS is the Christianity I have been preaching …this brand. I am not alone?
Granted the gal gets ate alive by many a human on her feed but she really does have all the words many of us just can’t find in the walls of a church building most days.
These right here…well I needed the reminder:

“You do not have to be who you were, who you have been.
If you have a dream brewing, I hope to throw light all over it.
If you encounter a new idea or perspective,
I hope you feel free enough to consider it.
If you need to bury an old label, girl, here is a shovel.
You can care about new things and new people and new beginnings,
and until you are dead in the ground, you are not stuck.
If you move with the blessing of your people, marvelous.
But even if you don’t, this is your one life, and fear, approval, and self-preservation are terrible reasons to stay silent, stay put, stay sidelined.” 
Jen Hatmaker

AMEN sister. Amen.
Now back to grabbing a shovel and planting about 30 trees and shrubs🙈

on bramble hill