Finally got around to it...

Took me long enough..
I finally put together the final drone video from the construction part of the building our Bramble Hill II.
Still living on a hill but man is this hill my favorite. A lifetime of living on hills and this is by far the haven I have always dreamt of. It really is “my die place”…my final spot. The only way out of this spot is prying me out kicking and screaming.
Granted I have also lived enough to know to “never say never” but life would have to take some pretty massive turns for me to leave this haven.
Without further ado…enjoy our big old hill and I hope you enjoy watching us grow this chunk of land to the Garden of Eden I have my envisioned.
Now to figure out how to fix all this crazy red clay soil and actually get anything to grow in it. Raised bed gardens will not be a choice between the crappy soil and the ginormous hill.
I am up to the challenge.