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Snow on bramble hill

I have never been one for snow.

Maybe it’s because I am naturally cold even on warm days…
Maybe it’s because I grew up in Ohio where Winters can be painfully long…I literally can remember snow on my birthday at the very end of April one year. I cried.
Maybe it’s because I need sunshine, warmth and hands in the dirt?
I don’t know why but one day when we retire I am going to be forcing Daryl into becoming a “snowbird” with me and going South every Winter for a few months.

I must say though…the new house really does make a beautiful snow globe though.
This morning I woke up and looked out at the lake and found the tiniest ducks I have ever seen playing in the water with snow all around. At first we thought they were babies and then we realized that they must be a breed that is super tiny and adorable.
Either way I was not going any further than my living room to watch them.
That is pretty glorious <3
The choice of the extra large windows on the first floor is 100% going down at the best decision we made for the house. Those windows! That light!!

On bramble hill seeds

I find myself constantly looking outside and envisioning what gardens, plants and creations will go where. I can’t wait to get started but will have to wait for at least another few months BUT at least my 2019 seed catalog’s are starting to pour in! I am going to post the links to some of my favorites. I can’t help it, I am old fashioned in my love of paper and print catalog’s.

When it comes to recipes and gardening I like good old fashioned print books. I like to circle, read/highlight and learn…having the references right in front of me versus on a computer.
It reminds me of being a kid again at Christmas…spending hours pouring over those toy catalogs and dreaming of what would be under the tree Christmas morning….except now it’s what seeds will show up in my mailbox and grow lovely presents for me ;-)
High Mowing
Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Seed Saver’s Exchange
Southern Seed Exchange
Territorial Seed
Botanical Interests
Bluestone Perennials

I am going to start a little seed swap in January as well for anyone who may want in! Be sure to sign up for the e-mail or follow on IG for the details in the New Year :-)
We will be starting our giveaways tomorrow over on IG as well to celebrate the 12 days until Christmas! Looking forward to sprinkling some holiday joy!
Now go and enjoy some garden dreaming!

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