Happy Holidays!

Christmas tisha lyn

You guys…no lying I am super duper over the Holiday’s.
My next career path in this lifetime is not going to involve relying upon the holiday’s as the season I work a million hours a week. It makes enjoying the holidays extremely hard.
But it’s over and for that I am thankful :-)

I did manage to sneak in some family time last night and today and will be taking off the rest of this week though and that is fantastic!
This also means I will be absent from making the DIY this week possibly next if I can’t sneak in sometime to make it with the kids all around. Making things is quite the undertaking with this crew all home.
I hope that most of you are also able to take time with your families this season.
The years go so fast….so so so fast.

Yep…next career will have holiday’s off ;-)
Enjoy your week everyone and I shall return in the New Year with lots of new fun stuff for us to get into over here! Now back to sitting on a couch being lazy and crocheting to my hearts content.

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