Winter is coming...

Tisha Lyn

Our first snow at the new house…
Not gonna lie or even exaggerate even a little. It was breath taking kindof beautiful and highly distracting this morning.
It truly made all the stress, tears and anxiety over building this house 100% worth it…
I just sat there….trying to focus on work and doing my product photography for the new jewelry shop…but I just couldn’t focus.

I knew when we walked this lot last Winter at this time that it was meant to be ours.
I still can’t believe it most days…that we made this very hard fought for dream happen.
Winter has once again arrived and now I have to endure the Winter to get to my beloved Spring.
The kayaks are all tucked away and my geese are rarely in site these days.
My photography clients have all been photographed for the most part…just a few sessions left before not taking anymore sessions until the new year.
The jewelry making has been unpacked…and ready for me to create.
My gardening seed catalog’s are starting to show up…ready for me to plan out my gardens.
The United States map goes up on the wall tonight to help me plot out all the farms and places my camera and I will visit this growing season.

Somehow I am going to find a way to embrace the Winter and this season of forced calm and quiet. I am going to find a way to enjoy it. I do indeed enjoy a bit of chaos perhaps to much.
Chaos and “busy” have just been my normal for so long I’m not sure I remember how to be anything but?
Winter is absolutely God’s way of forcing me to slow….just a bit.

I am starting to get all of the new essential oil diffuser necklaces into the shop first. Those are typically jewelry I have sourced from all over the world. I fall in love with a picture…order from the distributor a few test pieces and if they are crap you will never see them and if they are up to my standards they get to join in the party.
My little jewelry making was just too much for one person to keep up with so I knew with this time around I wanted to focus more on a certain type of jewelry and my love of all things essential oil and herbal is going to win out with this shop for sure.
I hope to start adding in my handmade jewelry in the next few weeks after I push through my custom orders from past clients that have come in this season already.

Come Spring I will be adding in my herbal seasonal blends for cooking. My “vision” is to use the organic herbs I grow myself and use here at home the most. Hence the “seasonal”.
I would love to expand into tea’s as my gardens grow and age but that will probably take a few years to get them there.
I will be adding in all of my favorite essential oil “extra’s” I use around here as well; hand made shelves, spray bottles/jars, mascara tubes, bath bombs/shower steamers and bath bomb/steamer molds, cozies and labels for all of my favorite bottles and blends.
I have big dreams y’all.
But as you can see from this house…I dream big and I follow up typically.
I am giving myself at least the next 2 years to grow this dream business of mine.
The vision of all my favorites living under my internet home.
I want to share all my knowledge of how to live a cleaner, healthier life naturally without the use of the chemicals and crap products out there.

I promise you that living without chemicals and craziness doesn’t leave you feeling like you are missing out or breaking the bank!
I am going to start sharing some how too’s in the coming weeks. If you are on my IG and follow my stories section then you are likely already catching a few here and there with some of what I do around here daily to keep things simple ad chemical free.

Be sure to check back often in the shop…new items will be going in often! If you would love to learn more about essential oils just drop me a line!
If you join Young Living under me you actually get added into a Facebook group that I am addicted to that gives you all the answers on how to use your oils and ways to integrate them into you home. You will also receive a $25 credit to purchase an extra oil!
Plus I am always available to answer any questions you may have!
I am hoping to host at least one Holiday gift “make and take” fun night before Christmas! Because I love any reason to see my friends…and hello learning to make economical gifts makes it a totally fun night :-)


A quick note on why Young Living…
While Young Living is indeed and MLM company I am not a MLM lady who will be pushing it onto my friends…I truly am not typically a brand loyalist. I have literally signed up before with Young Living , then DoTerra and now back to Young Living (over a decade of time). I truly think that both companies are great as well as some others out there that aren’t MLM’s!
I just opted for Young Living as my final home for a few main reasons:
1.) Their product offerings are my favorite <3 (children’s line, cleaners, makeup and supplements being amongst my favorite)

2.) Seed to Seal. I can literally visit their farms one day…well me and my camera…and actually SEE what they are doing. When I buy an oil I want to know exactly where it comes from and the process as much as I can. These oils go on my person and my children…not something I take lightly. Do I think that these MLM companies are perfect?
Oh heck no…but I truly do trust both as well as a few other companies I still purchase from. One day I will do a youtube video on it…I have was too many thoughts to write in this blog post😂

3.) Essential Rewards program…I earn free oils when I am literally purchasing things like cleaners, supplements, make-up and stuff we literally would normally be purchasing anyway. Total win.

4.)You never have to sell it a day to another human…but you get the discount after you get your kit on all your own purchases (and the kit itself is pretty amazing).
Yep…literally did you read that part up there where I have been into oils for a decade and never really promoted that I could sell them to ya?
So why now?
My farm photography project over the next few years is going to require me finding ways to finance this while continuing to work career paths that allow my freedom to work, travel and work around my kiddos schedules as much as possible.
I ALWAYS go for selling and promoting what I know and love. It’s 100% easy to sell a product you love and believe in.
It was just time to realize “Oh wait…I could always start actually talking about how I love this thing called oils, help others AND make a little extra to add to the project funds!” Duh.
I am adding it into my offerings. I promise I won’t be sending out mass e-mails to all my close friends (only folks who sign up and are actually interested in learning about them).
Trust me when I say it never ever gets easy telling folks “Hey did you know your feet are the perfect place to roll your oils on?” and then going into like 5 reasons why. It is about 100% impossible to not know you sound like a crazy lady but the even crazier part is you know that it works….and in my case I now have a 7 year old sleeping through the night no longer “stuffy” because of it…so there’s that.

I explain to folks that Essential Oils are my “over the counter” go to for the little things (think headaches…stress…runny nose…smelling awesome)…
My herbs and vitamins are my next step, “prescription” level (think colds, flu, fevers, rashes).
And if all of that doesn’t work I would go to a doctor…but I will tell ya the truth…I haven’t needed a doctor for a cold, flu etc…in YEARS now. I even keep my half of a thyroid in check via herbs/diet.
So yes…
I know for realz that my crunchy, natural ways do work. Hence why I don’t mind sharing them…even if I occasionally have to look crazy and telling people to put oil on their feet…bahahahahaha!!
Lucky for me I have a solidly good sense of humor ;-)
Now off to photograph a gazillion pieces of jewelry….all the lovelies <3

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