Homemade Vanilla

THIS is the easiest gift you will ever make…
And pretty darn tasty too.


I don’t really need to go into deep detail on this one because it is that easy and a fantastic gift to keep around. I literally keep a stock of these little gems on hand for just any moment I need a little gift to cheer a friends day.

After posting over on Instagram I have a bunch of folks asking for the details and figured I can share the links to the products you need easier over here.

Homemade vanilla on bramble hill

What you will need:
Vodka (the higher the proof the better)
Small glass bottles
Vanilla beans (the amount of beans you choose depends on how many bottles you would like. I typically put one bean in each bottle)
Avery 22830 Round Labels

Homemade vanilla on bramble hill

Slice those beans up…
Add them to the jar

Homemade Vanilla

Pour in some of the vodka…an extra shot for you depending upon how your holiday season maybe going currently…

homemade vanilla

Put the lid on the jar, print the label…throw it in on a shelf in a dark corner of your world and forget about it for months to years.
Yep the stuff basically only gets better with age. You could enjoy it as early as a month but the real flavor comes with age.
This current batch is a year old and tastes wonderful…so so so so much better than “imitation” vanilla you get from the grocery.

home made vanilla

Yep that was short an sweet….Enjoy!!!

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