Summer here we come....

daisy feet

Man has it been an end of the school year blur around here!  Any other mama's feeling like "OH CRAP! The kids only have like 2 weeks of school left!"
That's me!  
With the end of the school year comes many a restless nights sleep for me.  I find myself unable to fall asleep because I am spend at least that first hour running down the next days "to do" list.  I typically end up reading a book so I can escape into some other world and stop project managing in my mind about what all I need to complete the next day.  
Let's face it...the days are long but never long enough to get it all finished up.

I kid you not I literally just got all teary when I told Daryl "I can't believe Haley is going to be a junior next year!"  Darn time.  It just goes so so fast.

We literally had the conversation out at the new house the other day about how within 2-4 years we will have 2 empty rooms upstairs in the new house.  Hence, why I didn't want some ginormous house...just a house where everyone has a room and we have a few lovely places to gather together.  I have loved the house we live in now for the last 15 years.  
Our new houses downstairs layout is SOOOOOO similar. 
Like pretty much we moved this house to that house and just shifted some rooms, added some ginormous windows, a few extra group spaces, a master downstairs (so we can grow old), a private back yard, a lake and called it home.  
Perfection in my book. 

I think we have decided to put this house on the market for sale for at least 30-60 days before just doing the rent-to-own thing.  We will not be sticking the actual sign in the yard though until we are weeks away from moving out...there is ZERO chance of me being able to keep this house in "buyer is coming through your house NOW" condition with this big of a crew around.  
I actually break out in a sweat just imagining that!  EECK!

If you know anyone that is at all interested in a lovely little house in a fantastic neighborhood in Midlothian, VA you just drop me a line and I will send ya the details.  
My friend Megan swears that the pictures are what will sell it....she would know they just did the same.  Oh how I love the internet and all my friends who share knowledge with me often!

Now back to Summer....