Season of Limbo

Spring was hard fought for this year but I think we have finally won...perhaps?
I don't's been that kindof fickle Spring.
I feel like the only thing I truly, 100% "know" these days is that I simple don't know the answers to much.

I feel like I receive calls/messages on the daily from my mom friends all feeling a bit lost.
We are all at the point where our kids are growing up and jumping ship.  This leads to many of us that have thrown our entire lives into raising kids down the path of "what next?!".
I have been on a few interviews myself recently and the patience of hearing back is killing me...
I can tell you this much...who ever hires me will have the most loyal, hard working woman in town. I will have such mad respect for them it will be ridiculous.
I must share a bit of sage older mother advice to you folks taking a gap now with little's.
I have witnessed a few things over these many years on social platforms and small biz branding.  Take this advice or leave it. 
Totally up to you and I will take no offense to ignoring and thinking it wrong for where you are at right this minute.  All I ask is look about 7-10 years into your future as you read below.

Don't give up having a part time job outside of the home. 
Keep your foot with something that can sit on your resume and not show any sort of "gap".  
I didn't even have a "gap" but photography in corporate world is often not looked at as a legit job.  I don't agree with that at all but I am finding out the hard way that it is what it is.  However the knowledge and skills garnered from my tech and social media knowledge do seem to matter.  

Don't brand yourself with your children. 
 I see it aLL the time these days.  Your children should never be your actual "business model".  This is just a current mistake I am seeing young parents fall into OFTEN these days. 

Now don't take me wrong here...I am not saying "don't post your kids from time to time". 
What I am talking about are the folks I am being flooded with on social channels that their entire business model is that of young motherhood, showing every single minute of their kids childhood and basically that IS the marketing plan...selling their kids childhood off.  Giving it away for free swag to promote this product or that. Here is the reason I say resist that wave as best you can. 

When your children hit about 9 or 10 in most cases they do not want you posting about them AT ALL.  How do I know this?  Once upon a time this little blog was filled with images of my kiddos and our homeschool adventures.  After all it is a "mom" blog.
Around those ages they asked for their privacy though.  I respected that.
Good luck finding barely any posts with the older two.  I still have them but they are set to private.

Now I show the little guy from time to time but typically its from far off...or the back of him...or I share the closer images on my private feeds with folks I know in real life. 
I ask permission before posting.  That's why you barely EVER see the oldest and only hand picked images for the middle...Lucas is still a ham but that will change soon enough.  

Social media is a million times bigger now than those early days of blogging.
I feel so bad for the kids that have parents who are profiting off of them on Youtube and social media channels of all kinds now. 
I just think "Man those poor kids never even had a minutes chance to not have their entire life shared with the world...not a single private second."
By the time the kids get to the age where they can verbally ask for privacy the family is depending on the money they are earning from their children.  Ugh.
Heart breaking.  I watched one YouTuber literally go up INTO her child's middle school to video the kiddo's very first day and shared it with her million + followers. 
The child looked so so sad and mortified.  My heart broke in a million pieces for the little guy.
WTH kindof parenting is that? 

Mama's I know you want to share your adorable kiddos with the world...I DO love seeing cute children myself.  All I am saying is, don't build a business around your small children. 
Think years ahead.
The years are going to FLY by, those kids are going to grow up FAST.
Have a game plan on how to develop your biz without using your own children as the front spokesperson.  They didn't sign up for that.  
When they do finally get old enough to ask for their privacy...give it to them.
Just start today by thinking what your biz will look like when the kids are grown up and gone...cause I promise they will be.


Moving on down the life limbo line...


We are waiting on the house building process to actually start moving faster than  s...l...o...w...😂
The closing date officially got moved to mid-July this week.  
In all honesty, I am still not even sure how that date will happen at the snails pace we are going currently.  Maybe it will and maybe it won't?
Until then we sit in box limbo. 
I pack more each day but we are afraid to put our current house on the market until we actually see for realz movement and can get a clear close date.
Limbo.  It will happen soon enough though.  This I know for sure.

The even better news?
It's garden season!  That means once again my social media streams are filled with green everything and yumminess!  
Not in garden limbo at all. Woot Woot!!! 
Tonight I am making my lettuce wraps and will be sharing the recipe with you guys ASAP!
Because you need them in your life!


Lettuce Wraps