The longest Summer ever...

Ok not really but darn close my friends.
It's the middle of July and the house building is a complete pain in the times a complete nightmare.
Here is what I have learned about homebuilding:

1.) They will tell you anything to your face that they think you want to hear BUT be warned, they are then NOT going to do anything you asked without you basically staying on them to do what they promised.  And don't forget that everything they tell you is "no charge" you will 100% be charged matter how small and of course not until it's too late to say no thank you 😂

2.) They do NOT care about your time schedule.  At all.
The times they promise you are like little "possibilities". 
You will hear things like "Put your house on the market in mid-March because we will complete your house in May..." Now if you are smart you don't listen to them because you can see with your own eyes that they are slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
May passes, no house.
June passes, no house.
July is almost passed...still no house...granted they are finally getting to the drywall stage...maybe.
If we had listened and sold this house in March where the heck would 6 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats and bunny have gone?  Thank the good Lord we didn't.

3.) I work PT in a home decor shop.  I talk to folks who just moved into brand new homes everytime I work.  We talk and the conversation always goes too "Would you build again?
This always leads to us laughing and both looking each other in the eye and saying "HECK NO!"
But the truth is one time...I will do it this one time.  
We are getting the house that is pretty much to our specks, our vision and our dreams.  Fits all the butts, fur and love.
I can say heck no because I am not moving again.  This is my "grow old and watch some ducks while sipping my mimosa's on the back porch"
We only have to put ourselves through this once.
And if for some blasted reason we ever have to move again.....
Only when hell freezes over would we build 😂

The good news?
I truly do think we are coming to the end.  They have given us August 15th as the closing date BUT I will warn you...there still isn't sheet rock hanging on the walls as of this morning so I am thinking (out loud) "How the heck are they going to finish this thing in 5.5 weeks?"
I am praying they do though...really cheering them on...cause the kids school literally starts DAYS later.
I know of no mother ever who wanted to move this close to school starting or even once school has started.  Nope...all mother's know this is a terrible idea and very poor timing. LOL!

So the current house?
Well we are up to three storage units now (man that's alot of crap) to empty this house out so I can stage it and get it ready to sell.  We have been here 14 years and that is alot of living.  
We decided to spend July 4th at home shooting off little fireworks on our hill in the front.
Daryl and I both got a little sad thinking about how many July 4th that front hill has given us...
How many sled rides...
How many children learning how to bike...

July 4th Bramble Hill