On Bramble Hill Growing grass

I know I dropped off the planet….
But I promised “Epic August” and I didn’t exaggerate one little bit!
I could tell you stories that would make your mouth drop open and you squeal “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?”

Let’s just say there was well water drama, getting them to actually finish on time drama (which we are still waiting on a list of things), moving drama, just basically all around drama.
We have no doubt we will NEVER build again BUT that is ok because we are now sitting in our dream home.

I like to call it my “die home”. Sounds terrible I know but seriously…I am not moving again.
I know I should never say never but as of today if we ever have to move again it would only be because all the moons aligned and I don’t have to lift a finger or build a house…or we simply must.
Trust me folks…find a great speck home and go with that.
Bam! Done.

I am all about forward movement though. I refuse to sit around thinking about how horrific the actual process was and go straight into all the positive and wonderful parts of this new start of ours.
The house is gorgeous….and everything we imagined. Ok well maybe we didn’t imagine drainage issues, living with mud, and iron in the well water. But hey those are all fixable.
Granted I will be doing ALOT of fixing.
Trying to get grass to grow on a huge hill…the struggle is real.

While I may not have been posting much on the blog these last few months I have been working on this little old blog. Dusting her off. I am working towards taking it towards a Vlog over on Youtube along with my crafting and basic geekiness ways.
It’s time. The internet has progressed and you guys have sent me endless messages asking for videos. I have listened.
Must admit…being in FRONT of the camera is not on my list of things I love doing. I am thick skinned though and pretty passionate about teaching the next generation of folks how to make their homes into little haven’s for the family. I truly enjoy it and in our family it has been worth it.
A decade deep with this blog…can’t stop now! But I do have to change with the times to continue on.
Forward movement.

This means learning lots of new platforms and technology (which I am typically pretty great at). I leave Richmond in a few days for a photography adventure in Manhattan.
I am so excited to get lost and reboot.
It’s been several years since I have been able to just go to a random city and spend days exploring. There will be a few new camera’s in tow. I will most likely be posting bunches in my stories over on Instagram and Facebook so you guys can feel free live vicariously through me and come along for the escape.
We all need a good adventure from time to time! Getting lost alone is a glorious thing.

I could sit here and write for days BUT it is the kids school’s homecoming week which means mom duty is calling. Plus I need to go and purchase more straw mats and grass seed….endless.
I will keep you guys posted on my progress over the coming weeks.
This blog will still be the hub for it all but look for lots of new fun stuff, great recipes (that will be in printable..let’s make a binder…format) , home DIY’s and “all the random weird knowledge” to be showing up soon! October is going to be “game on” season for me!

Oh and I promise a home tour as one of those first videos…sharing that video will be like share your babies newborn pics. You want them just perfect!
Until then I must say I am in much love with my kitchen <3 Talk about great lighting for some recipe videos! ;-)

on bramble hill kitchen