Life without a garden...

We moved in and within a few weeks one thing was clear…
Lord I miss my gardens.
I’m not sure why I have such a thing for being lost in a garden but I do. I decided I couldn’t wait until next Spring to put one in so I did the next best thing…
Bought a little 4’x4’ square bed and threw some lettuce, oregano, parsley and cilantro out.

Now keep in mind my main “crop” right now is trying to get grass to actually grow on a hill in hard clay soil. It’s just about darn near impossible.
Did I mention the epic rains? Drainage issues galore!

Each week goes something like…put seed down, straw and then rain just washes it away.
This week I switched it up and rolled out 8’ straw “mats” and nailed those suckers to the hill.
Now to see if that will hold it? Hmmm…
I added in rye grass. I really think I am giving up on traditional grass and going to find a mixture of cover crops to put some nutrients back in the soil.
Totally normal in a neighborhood…right? I mean seriously if I throw down a ton of clover it will be green at least AND it will put some nitrogen back in the soil.
Score! Plus just think about sending the kids out to endlessly hunt for 4 leaf clovers.
We can use all the luck we can get!
And I do love some clover. Can you imagine how happy Pepper (the bunny) would be if I planted that?!

I’m giving it a week and if grass isn’t sticking I am totally throwing some sort of cover crop mix out there for the Winter to establish it ;-)
Any suggestions on how you handle tough lawns is always welcome!
I once heard gardening and growing things like this…”Even the farmer who has been farming 20 years has only raised corn/wheat etc… 20 times. We all need to lean into the shared knowledge.”
Can I get an Amen!
Any recommendations are always did you get grass to grow best in your yards?
Don’t say sod cause we are country living and minus irrigation…beyond mother nature and her crazy whims :-)

On Bramble hill
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