Why yes I am alive

I finally did it! The Youtube channel is finally up and the videos are starting to be added in.
You know what is hard? Watching yourself on the other side of a lens for hours of editing. I tell you, I have picked myself apart and absolutely HATE being on the other side.
So why do it?
The same reason I have always loved to blog. I am a teacher by nature.
I love to learn.
I love to teach and share.
I love to encourage my friends to do all the things they “can’t”…because I know they can.
I am a big believer that this random knowledge I have acquired is going to be lost one day if not shared in a way that can be preserved long after I am gone.
Being on the other side of a video screen with greying hair, double chin, sunspots and crooked teeth…..screw it. There are plenty of perfect folks on Youtube.
Folks don’t come here for beauty tips (nobody wants me to do their makeup, I promise…BAHAHA!) they come to me typically because they are my 40 + friends who can’t figure out quite how to do something their teens have deemed “easy” and I will gladly help them figure it out without making them feel bad for the not knowing.

For some reason I am a learning machine. Granted learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro has surely given me at least 200 new grey hairs. But I haven’t given up.
If nothing else in life I am persistent. I keep on trying and trying and trying.
I get better each day and with each mistake I make. You guys can’t see it but I am behind a monitor everyday…learning.
Add in learning video on top of that editing nightmare and well…it’s a time hog.
I am excited though. With each new video I will get better. I know this.
I am a self taught professional photographer.
I can remember going through all the same nightmare’s teaching myself photography decades ago. That turned out pretty well for me ;-)
What I took away from photography though was that it took me a solid year to get “decent” enough to charge folks (remember the internet didn’t look like it does today back then and we didn’t have Youtube) and three years to truly become great at it.

With gardening…again self taught for the most part.
First year I sucked but learned just enough to be “decent” at it…
By the third year I was much better at it...now I know enough to know that it will take me a solid three years at this new house to get my soil back where I need it to grow all the things I would like.
But I won’t give up.

My take on it all. If you give up the second you aren’t good at something you surely will never learn it.
Stick with whatever you want to learn.
You can do hard things. (I repeat this to myself daily…several times a day)

Butter fly Tisha Lyn

The big question I get “If you are now doing Youtube does this mean you won’t be blogging?”
The short answer is “The Youtube channel will be more of a vlog so no I probably won’t have the time to really write out blog posts anymore….”
The long answer is really more like…well of course I will still be blogging you guys will just get to see my boring mug on the other side of your screen, rambling for reals. The channel will be setup in four segments eventually:

Bramble Garden Chronicles 2019
That’s right…our gardens will still be chronicled again this year just as it has for many years, it will just be in video this year! You will actually get to watch this vlog section as I bring you guys along with me to watch as I build out all the gardens on this blank slate of red clay we now have….on a huge hill! It’s not going to be easy nor is it going to be done in a single growing season.

The Grower’s Alchemist Project 2019
This is where the farmers, gardeners and homesteaders I visit will be visiting. This is a section I am so excited about! I learn so much from my fellow sustainable growers! I want to share their knowledge and beautiful hard work in a way that hopefully shows the beauty I see every time I set foot on these gorgeous corners of the earth.

Mom Speaks Geek
This is where I will answer all of the tech questions I get everyday. No question is too small or considered “stupid”. I can tell ya, it’s hard growing older in a world that moves this fast. Technology can be overwhelming at this pace and our teenagers make fun of us often for not knowing “all the things”.
I am a “geek”. I tend to love new technology and work hard to keep up and keep learning it myself. I receive daily texts/calls/emails from friends asking questions often. This is the section I will be making little videos to answer those questions and simply put, create video links I can easily send them when I get the same questions 10 times.
It’s where I will share my camera info and reviews on products I love as well.

The last section I have yet to decide if it will go under Bramble’s youtube channel or it’s very own channel…to be determined.

The Inspired Poppy
This is for all you crafty folks who like to make “all the things” as much as I do!
Typically this is where all the DIY stuff will live. Yeah! It has a home. If you follow my IG for The Inspired Poppy just know this is where I will be sharing “how too’s” on my paper crafting, jewelry making, sewing, crafting crazy self. This is my section that is “just cause” I enjoy doing it.
Totally selfish.

Winter Road  by Tisha Lyn

If you have been following along this long then God bless ya!
It’s about to completely change around here. Each time I make a video I will be sure to drop it here as well as as a “blog post”. Hopefully you guys enjoy the posts and they are helpful.
No need to make fun of me…trust me I make enough fun of myself😂
It’s a strange new world out there folks.

“Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.” 
― Mary Oliver

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