If you find yourself using the word "kerfuffle"...


Then you might just be reading Diana Gabaldon 's newest book in the Outlander Series.... Written in My Own Hearts Blood

You know you maybe a historical romance fiction junky if...you have managed to read all of these ginormous novels. And love them all. Ok well maybe not "all".  I really didn't like the second book Dragon Fly in Amber which I confess to skipping over large portions of.  The parts leading up to Battle of Culloden were just far too depressing and dragged on for me.  I just didn't want to give up on the series so I simply skimmed. I have never been so happy for my "skimming" of that book...because I have LOVED every book since. In full disclosure I was a History major in college so..ya I love historical novels. Novels. This is not a "light reading" type of series.  This is like a "whole Summer to read" type of series.  Each book typically takes me a week to read.  In my world that is a long time.  Most books I am through in about 1-3 days.  Daryl and I were in book store the other day and I picked up the hardcover book and showed it to him (I read on my ipad) and he was like "holy crap! That is huge..."

My favorite part of this book? Oh geeze.. I couldn't begin to name a "favorite" but I did quite enjoy reading a scene out loud to Daryl, while on a long car trip,  that involved a hatchet going through a skull.  I have been warning him for months that I will, most definitely, be watching the Starz Outlander series coming up next month.  Telling him over and over that it isn't all romance and girlie.  That it is more of a historical girls version of Game of Thrones or something...tons of gore, guts and testosterone mixed into make any husband "ok" with watching a historical love story...right?

The long and the short of it...I am sad I finished it and now have to wait another few years for the next one :-( Until then I shall try to limit my use of the word "kerfuffle" in hopes not to give myself away as a complete Outlander series junky...that I am. August 9th can't get here soon enough ;) Now if you are one of those folks thinking "Why read the book?!  I will just watch the series...well I am here to tell you that you will be missing out.  No matter how wonderful they do with the series the movie is NEVER as good as the book....ever. Ever.