The art of food hoarding...


Deep deep into canning and preserving season over here...My kitchen is a hot mess... But my pantry sure looks pretty. Today's tally...

11 jars of blueberry (local organic source) jam (Lucas favorite) 8 jars of salsa from our garden tomatoes, peppers and cilantro 6 quarts of dill pickles from our cucumbers 3 bags of cut corn for the freezer from local farm

Tomorrow.... Onto at least 8 quarts of stewed tomatoes The "goal" on tomatoes is at least 80-100 quarts a Summer.  August is always quite the challenge.  Lucky for me I have a great local farmers market to supply those tomatoes.  When asked how long that last us each year the answer is...until January.  We love some tomatoes over here! We will be heading to the mountains for some hiking and family peach picking this weekend too!  There will be frozen, canned and jams with those.

Yes, I feel like a hoarder...or a very industrious squirrel ;-)