Cilantro Lemon Vinaigrette

Garden season!!!!! YES!!!!!!Ok well you guys know I have been waiting for it... Most normal moms are probably hanging with their families right now for Mother's Day.  Me? Every year the one thing I ask for?  A day off.  Kid free.  All to myself. Maybe it's that I am a closet introvert... Maybe it is that I am just about NEVER alone... Maybe it is just that getting ANYTHING accomplished with a three year old by your side is impossible.  Or exhausting.  Or just....twice as hard as it should be. So Yes, being alone for a day is my glorious gift.  Spent in the garden and now editing client images and finally getting somethings finished that are impossible with a crew like mine. Not complaining...because I love my crazy life....I truly do.  Sometimes a gal just needs a "day off". No worries....we will have dinner together and some family time in there. But for now a glorious, quite day.

I actually have a minute to make a blog post!  Shocker :-) Since all the thyroid, food sensitives etc... a salad will ALWAYS be at least one meal of the day. Jill (my bff) and I have taken to calling them "KK salads".  Why?  Confession...Jill and I watch the Keeping up with Kardashian's (insert your loud gasp and "FOR REAL!") I admit it...I like watching them. Holding head in embarrassment and pretend shame.  It's our dirty little secret (that is no longer secret...Jill may just kill me now ;-) ) Moving on...the Kardashian girls are ALWAYS eating these ginormous (think horse trough size) salads just about every episode.  Trust me, now that you know, all you fellow "secret" watchers will now notice.  You just can't "un-see" them now. Since living the KK life now ourselves we have lost a ton of weight so I guess there is something to it.  Jill and I are both down to looking like we did in high school....ok maybe just "close" and a little "older" looking. This is what you should know about "living off of KK salads"...throw away the idea that salads are to always have tomatoes and store bought salad dressing.  BLUCK!  You will last about 1 week trying that method. Variety is the spice of life!    Your body and taste buds will thank you!

When we make salads we try to throw in things like: Micro greensBerriesApplesAny type of lettuce or green you can find....thrown togetherNuts (any)Seeds (any)Citrus (oranges in and lemons/limes squeezed on them)Chives (both flowers and stems)Herbs (all kinds)Radishes Cooked beets (could do raw but I prefer cooked)GarlicOnionsCrumbled cheesesAvocadosAnd anything else you can dream of...and yes I purposely left off tomatoes, carrots and boring old cucumbers (although I still use fermented carrots and regular cucumbers because they are yummy).  I love them all but I live for adventure and something "other than".

Salad dressings.  My dressings almost always have a base that involves a quality Olive Oil and Bragg's fermented Apple Cider Vinegar.  I try to steer clear of dairy and anything processed. I need to start sharing them because my friends are getting on me to....because they are YUMMY...and make eating a KK salad every day not so boring and actually something to look forward to. Share I shall. First up....Cilantro Lemon Vinaigrette (because Cilantro is in  my garden big time right now)


Salad ingredients:

(for those who are clueless on how to break away from boring American worries I still love you.)  :

Multi colored lettuce, handful of micro-greens and a handful of Arugula BlueberriesCeleryCucumbersOrange slicesPine NutsWalnutsChive flowers (plucked apart)A few pitted black olivesGorgonzola crumblesThrow them all in a bowl...add or take away anything you would like


1/2 cup olive oil1/4 cup of Apple Cider vinegar1/2 of a lemon2 garlic clovesHandful of fresh Cilantro2 tablespoons Honey Mustard1 tablespoon HoneySalt and pepper

Throw everything into a blender/mixer and blend until smooth.  This one actually comes out a bit creamy.  You can add more or take away less..that is the beauty of dressing.  Don't feel like you have to "follow measurements" above.  Dressing is all about making it the way YOU like it. Be brave. Be a salad adventurer. Step away from the hot house tomatoes...if they are "in season" then it is "game on!" You got this! Oh and I keep this one in the fridge just because of the fresh Cilantro...not sure how long it is "good for" because it will never make it past a few days around here ;-) Enjoy!