Stuffed Fresh Figs

  Each week in our Children's Garden Club we have the kids create something in the kitchen with the goodies they have picked/learned about from the garden that that we hope they will actually try and like.

We often get funny faces and "I don't like that" but what I have found is that if a child helps harvest/make something or witnessed it actually in the garden they are more likely to at least give it a nibble.

This week we made stuffed dried dates and dried figs.  I let them decide which one they liked or wanted to try.  The figs on my fig tree are "this close" but not quite yet. Let's face it...fresh figs win over dried in the taste department but dried figs taste great as well if you can't find fresh!

This one is insanely easy... Slice those lovelies

Stuff them with some goat cheese

Pop them in the oven for 5-10 minutes (depends on the ripeness..super ripe go for the 5 minutes) When they come out...throw some yummy pomegranates on top..

Then the honey...drizzle it on there...YUMMY!

That's it...easy peasy. You can alway add herbs and extras to the goat cheese but we were going for simplicity. Sometimes simplicity is a beautiful thing <3