"Everything but the kitchen sink" Soup

Or maybe we can just call it "all the leftovers from Thanksgiving and produce that will be going bad soon"...that sounds like a solid name.

Our tables were filled with 12 people on Thanksgiving day. It was lovely and delicious and all the feelz. Now?  Now I have a heap of food leftover that I am all "I can't let that go to waste!!" I opted for the most efficient method of using it all. Soup. Can't go wrong with soup.  It's impossible!  (No really you can't mess soup up but so much)

I shall make this fast. I had this massive pile of  leftovers like corn, green beans, turkey etc... and then leftover fresh produce from my Broadfork farm share(I literally would be crushed if those carrots and baby ginger didn't get used in time!) and even a bag of frozen squash and zucchini from my own garden that was on it's last leg and needed used.

You see where I am going with this...I had to make SOUP.  Had too. I even had a  mushrooms!

If you haven't notice I am NOT a "precise" kindof cook.  I am a "throw this and that in until it tastes good"...combos over measurements seems to be my method most days. So when I create a new recipe for you guys I try my best to remember that most of you would like "precise" BUT I double dog dare ya to break some rules and do a bit of "tossing stuff in" over "perfect measuring" now and then.  Live on the cooking edge ;-)


I told ya it was easy ;-) Now go use up those leftovers!  I will post my mashed potato fix in the next post.