Mashed Potatoes for days!

Yep another leftover post.Because I had LOTS of leftovers! I may or may not have made enough mashed potatoes.

I think you probably have a solid knowledge of making mashed potatoes so this post will be what I do when I have about 20 lbs leftover. Ok 10lbs....or 15 I have this handy dandy cookie scooper that I fuzzy heart love. It makes PERFECT "mashed potato freezer cookies" (it's a thing)

You simply spoon them onto a cookie sheet

and once they are all nice and frozen...pop them into a freezer container, mason jars (yes they can go into freezers) or ziploc bags.

When you would like some mashed potatoes you can just grab out as many of the frozen bites as you would like and pop them into the microwave.

Enjoy!!! <3