How much can really change in 3 months?

If your answer is "not much" I would tell you "BEEP!  WRONG!"I am finally getting back to the business of "working". Let's start with the biggest reason why I can finally do so....Lucas went back to his little private school he loved so much. Yep, I fired him from homeschool...he would probably tell you he fired me. Semantics.

I am here to tell ya that homeschooling 1 child is about a million times harder than homeschooling multiples together. They get lonely and bored and it is YOUR job to be their everything. Let me tell ya folks...that is about impossible when you own a Lucas. If you know him then you know...if you don't then well...let's just say he is a hoot. Like a little old man in a very tiny body.  He is super interactive and refuses to not be smack in the middle of everything. EVERYTHING. His vocabulary alone has been amazingly ridiculous his whole life.  I actually think he came out talking in full sentences but perhaps I am just blacking out the part where he was an intense baby as well. It probably comes from being around so many older people all his years and not really little people until he was about 3. I can remember in preschool watching him "interpret" what all his little friends were saying because he could speak fluent preschooler and adult. Let's just say that when his old school said "Lucas we miss you too!  Can you please come back now!" and he told one of the adults straight up "Homeschooling is boring." (after I had been working my booty off trying to make it awesome for him.) I was all "Take him...he's yours." Knowing that he and I would both be happier...I was right. He loves his little school and so do I <3

For the first time in over a decade I am officially homeschooling...nobody! It feels bittersweet but I am ready for whatever the next chapter is.  I do enjoy a good page turner after all.

So here I am...back behind my computer, happy as a lark. I have fallen back into my crafty ways but before I go into telling you all about that new change I need to tell you about the other hugely hugest change... We are building a new house. Our dream house actually. Here's a video for ya:

New House 2018 from tisha mccuiston on Vimeo.

They have finally broken ground and I should be getting out there tomorrow with the drone again to capture an update for everyone. Basically Bramble Hill is moving to a newer better hill. An amazing hill with a lake as our backyard. I have a vision of Daryl and I watching the kids finish growing up and flying the nest as we sit on our back porch watching ducks and growing old together. Yep...this is my "grow old together" home.  The last if I have my way. I am more than happy to grow old at this little chunk of heaven.

We looked and looked at homes on the market but just couldn't find one that fit our needs. We don't need a million shiny features we need rooms for 6 people and a cozy feeling. I don't want a house that is so gigantic that I am going to feel the loss of my children every time I walk through the doors once they are grown and gone. Rambling through a huge empty house one day is not what I want. So what we are building is this basic floor plan I am linking below but we have added 2 additional bedrooms, a loft area and a bonus room onto the second floor of this Kensington floor plan  . The dining room will become my studio space for my little crafts and possibly my newborn photography work (still deciding on that...need to see it built first). To say we are excited would be an understatement.

We are turning our current home into an investment property. Let's be super honest, full disclosure here...trying to get this house perfect for "sell ready" with 6 people, 3 dogs and 2 cats while living in it would something a kin to climbing Mt. Everest. Actually climbing Mt. Everest would be easier.

Selling it via "Rent to Own" is clearly the best option for us right now and I do like the idea of helping someone else reach their eventual dream of home ownership. The new house is ready in June (supposedly) so this one will be available mid- July or August. This means the next person is going to inherit one amazing garden full of veggies ;-) It also means I am on the hunt for an amazing RVA real estate lawyer if anyone has recommendations shoot them my way!

Next big change... The oldest wants to move out.  Oh I knew this day was coming, it's the order of things. Addie will be 18 in June. Sigh...times a real bitch. But Addie is "this close" to an associates now and will be transferring next year to a university.  Living in an apartment and not in our zoo...well when you are the introvert of the family it is kindof like moving to your own personal heaven.  I get it. I did the same once upon a time.  Didn't we all? So come Fall that will be another big I am equal parts happy and sad. Happy for my kid, sad for myself.

See those tree peonies in that window? I made those by hand..they are paper y'all.  PAPER. A funny thing happened as I packed up my craft room...I was left with only the paper. All the jewelry stuff, yarn, fabric all was packed and put into storage. Paper got to stay because it doesn't take up as much space. I let myself keep ONE craft to work on between now and the move. Paper won.  What happened after has been sheer joy. Let's face it, I started in the crafting industry working with paper (scrapbooking) and going back to working with paper on the daily feels like I have come "full circle".

Each day I teach myself a new flower or paper craft of some sort and share it over at The Inspired Poppy on Instagram.  The new website/blog should be up correctly by the end of this week.

I have decided that I just need to be sharing my love of crafting....especially paper arts. Not looking to make money really, just share what brings me joy within the realm of crafts. Y'all know when something brings me joy...I can't help but share it. I am a passionate kindof gal.  It is what it is. I also believe that this world and much of it's happiness can be found by using our hands and making all the things.  We have forgotten how to use our hands!  It is a meditation of sorts. Did you know there is a very real connection between joy and getting our hands working? Truth. If you are interested in following along I would love to have you join me!  There will be free downloads and projects and all the fun things I can possibly imagine. FYI, I have a huge imagination ;-)

Back to it I go...We are hitting Ohio for Spring break which means I have a million loose ends to finish up. I am hoping to be better about posting on this blog but in all honesty I know better than to promise life goes at the speed of light. I do have the best of intentions though!  LOL!