Call Your Mother

I guess this could be a tip but figured it is more of a suggestion. Mother's Day for most is this happy lovely day but for those of us who have lost our Mother it is this sort of twisted tortured day.  It is a day that is so in your face with reminders that you have lost your mother.  All your friends are hanging with there mom's and worried about what to buy mom for Mother's Day.

There is a side of you that totally gets it and understands and then there is this side of you that just can't help but to feel sad that you can't so much as call your mother and say "hey".  Silly isn't it?  Maybe not...

My own mother passed over 8 years ago now.  Most would think you should "move on" but the thing is no one tells you that you never "get over" your parents leaving this earth.  You always have this permanent "someone is missing" feeling at every birthday party, wedding,  holiday etc...

To add to it mom passed away when I was 5 months pregnant with Haley.  The time when a daughter needs her mother most.  So weird that I can instantly count how many years mom has been gone by just thinking about how old Haley is.  One week after she passed we had and ultrasound and found out we were having a little girl.  We of course were through the roof excited!  A little girl!  We came home and promptly called everyone with the news...the first person I dialed was my mom and then it hit me it was a call that could never be made again.  She missed knowing I was having a girl by one lousy week.  So unfair.   Over the next few years I often would found myself accidentally dialing her number to tell her something that just happened or ask her a question about the kiddos or to just chat and then I would remember she was gone.  Amazing how easy it is for the brain to forget something like that if only for a few short seconds.

It does get easier...but Mother's Day will just always have a different meaning for those who have lost their mother.  No way around it.

So my suggestion to you...Call your mother today.  Even if she annoys the crap out of you...even if you can't stand her.  I guarntee one day when she is gone, no matter how annoying you may think she is, you will miss her.

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Oh and last suggestion...No matter how "un-photogenic" you think you are, make sure you get pictures with your children.  One day when you are gone they will want them more than you can imagine.  My mother was our families photographer and she seldom ever got in a picture.  One lesson I have learned from her the hard way...get on the other side of that lens!