Water For Elephants { The Reading Corner


I wake up this morning and I pick up my Nook...My poor neglected Nook. Ok not to neglected I just haven't been able to read half as much as normal lately. For the last month the computers, phones, and reading have been giving me these terrible migraines everytime I look at it.  No fun. But they seem to be lifting a bit!  So this morning I test it out. I had started reading Water For Elephants a few weeks back and had managed to squeak my way through the first half.  It was a good enough story but not worth a headache.  But today I hit that magic middle point and I couldn't put it down.

I was hooked!  Something about this story is just so....oh I don't know? Romantic? Authentic? Real?

Yet with just that bit of darkness and raw edge that you really couldn't get in any other time period than smack in the middle of the Great Depression.  Add to that the in-site and look at the mind of the elderly and aging was so enlightening. That reminder that the cruelest part of life is the withering away and becoming invisible that old age brings.

That no matter how rough you think your life is now that it is all fleeting and you best just savor every moment you still have your health and loved ones around.  Sigh.

Makes me miss all of my grandparents even more.  I used to love to sit with my grandma Lucas and look through her old pictures and have her tell me stories.  She often wouldn't tell me all the answers.  Life hadn't always been kind but she told me the pieces she could and those stories are treasured.  I am glad I took the time to ask.   I will never forget the guilt I felt one day when I was about 12 and I pulled out this picture of this gorgeous gal and said "Who was this?" and she got that look in her eye and said "That was me."  I could see the sadness in her eyes at what once was and have never forgot the guilt I felt for asking a question that must have hurt straight to the core.  She of course brushed it off...made a joke about not always being a shriveled old lady...but for those few seconds I saw the pain that comes with aging and watching yourself change in the mirror into someone unrecognizable.  My first lesson on how fast life was going to flash right by. And it has.

So yep...I do suggest reading this one.  It's a good one!  Of course when I Google it today to get the link for you guys imagine my surprise when I see they have just made it into a major motion picture!  Of course they have!  It would make a great movie if they do it right.  Jill is going to make fun of me for sure because I always end up being disappointed by books that I have read that become movies.  So much so I have stopped reading books before they make them into movies.  I get frustrated when they completely change the story...typically a story that was great to begin with....grrr...but I will go and see it just the same.  I really do think this one would make a good movie. Figured I would share the trailer with ya ;-)