Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

I am a soup lover...My favorites have lemon...I LOVE lemon anything. When Panera's started offering a Lemon Chicken Orzo soup a few months ago I was instantly hooked.  The only problem? They only have it on "certain days" and I ALWAYS miss it :-(

So I got to thinking I could just make my own... Easy enough.

Thought you guys may like the recipe.  It is super easy and this time of year it fits the herbs that are in my garden perfectly!



1 Whole Chicken 3 Bay Leaves 4-6 cups of water White Pepper Salt 1-2 Whole Lemons Rosemary Thyme Crushed Red Peppers 1-2 Celery stalks Spinach Corn Chives 1 Box Orzo


Grab a crockpot and add the chicken, bay leaves, water, white pepper, salt, 1-2 lemons, rosemary, thyme, red pepper, and ginger all to your families personal taste.


Once the meat is falling off the bone it's time to start the transfer... I add the broth to a large pot on the stove and Start by putting the meat into a separate bowl than adding it to the broth.


I like my veggies a little firmer than they would be if  I had put them in the crockpot all day. I blend up celery in the food processor mainly because I want my kiddos to eat the soup and I sneak veggies in ;-) You could easily just chop them and make them larger.


I just grab a few handfuls of spinach and run a knife across it a few times and then throw it into the broth.


Toss in some corn...


I toss in some more herbs and at this point the chives or green onions get tossed in as well...


I bring it all to a boil at the same time I am boiling the Orzo in a different pan. When the Orzo is finished I strain it and throw it in the broth as well. If you would like it to taste a bit more "lemony" just add a few tablespoons of lemon juice. A whole lot of yummy....