A bit Montessori-"ish" baby room...

What a couple of crazy weeks!Can you tell Lucas is off and running?  Ok maybe just that really fast crawl and "cruising" on the furniture. Fast moving babies who love anything that is not an actual toy = very few chances to open a computer and make a blog post. This kid is in a big old hurry.  At this rate I think he will probably be walking around 8-9 months. Far to early for me but I suppose I really don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Last week while I had a lovely cold I finally finished his nursery. 7 months later my baby finally has a complete baby room. Yes...that is just the amount of slacking going on over here. He is clearly the third. As I had posted before we always joked that he would tell us one day what kindof room he wanted and that is exactly what he did.

For months we fought getting him in a crib at night.  He hated it. We gabbed about it and we really think the issue was that just about every nap in the course of his day is spent in a car...in a carseat. Or in our king size bed because our bedroom is nice and dark and the quiet side of the house. By the time we would put him in a crib at night he was just like "WTH is this?  What gives with the bars?" So we took the plunge and one day I just threw his crib mattress on the floor and said "Let's give it a try." And it worked... Worked well!  So well that when Daryl's parents offered us their old Queen size bed we said "YES!" Aunt Jill took the Queen and Lucas took her Full size mattress.

This was fantastic for all of us. Putting him to sleep was so easy in that big old mattress.  The issue now though is he is crawling. Don't get me wrong...the crawling baby in a Montessori room is not a big deal if you have the right kindof baby for it. Haley would have been a perfect Montessori baby room baby.  She was such a laid back and easy baby.  Didn't even walk till she was 12 months.  Perfect!  Never crawled a day.  She did have a "hop" of sorts...but that was it!

Lucas is fast turning into a baby that will more than likely end up back in a crib in very short order. Out of all three babies he is my "I only want to play with dangerous items and things that may kill me.  Baby toy?  Those are for babies!" Tonight at dinner we kept him happy in his chair with wide mouth canning jar rim (the lid thingy), his baby tooth brush and tupperware.  Seriously he is happy as long as he is exploring a non toy. Open the tupperware cabinet and you will have at least 30 minutes to make dinner!


But the room...back to the room. Having his bed on a floor meant we really needed to baby proof the heck out of it and make it the safest place in this house. Any mother who has ever had to deal with having older children mixing with babies will tell ya that the older siblings toys are so stinking hard to keep in a safe zone.  It is a real challenge.

Having his bedroom be a "safe zone" has been a Godsend. Whether he ends up back in a crib or not I absolutely love following a more Montessori approach as much as we can with this baby. He seems to thrive off of all things in his natural environment rather than toys that make loud blaring sounds and craziness. Which in all reality I far prefer.  I have a strong dislike of having to keep buying batteries and listening to obnoxiously loud toys.

Figured it was time to do some picture sharing... And yes, I am fully aware that this is not a true Montessori to the letter room. This is a "Montessori inspired" room.


I fell in love with the space ships fromWallies!  Had to have them! Just to fun!


and then of course I fell in love with this wall mobile fromFranklin Goose! He loves this thing...just sits there watching it and talking to it when it catches his eye :-)


another angle... You'll notice I tie up the curtains...he hasn't discovered them yet but I figure better safe than sorry with this kid.


He has a little Alligator mirror from Ikea.  Love that it is the kid safe ...not real glass...stuff. The idea was to make little safe zones to attract his attention to when he wakes up.


You will notice all of the afghans... Lucas is in much much love with his crocheted afghans.  I think he just loves the texture and the way they feel. He has at least three rotating favorites that he sleeps with always.   He puts himself to sleep by "petting" them with his sweet little hands.  Must run in the family because Haley STILL sleeps with her baby afghan that her great grandmother made for her a decade ago. Lucky for her it was large so it doesn't really look like a "baby blanket" ...it has been well loved.


Still in love with the cloth diapering.  My favorites at the moment atThirsties... again from Franklin Goose. Can't get enough of them!


I knew I wanted alphabet cards of some sort hanging up...I figured I would frame them at some point and screw them into the wall at Lucas's level.  For now though I stuck them up with good old fashioned double sided tape until he gets smart enough to take them down.  Which I have no doubt will be sooner than later. I found these at Whole Foods and HAD to have them.  I was like "Those are the ones!!!" Notice yet another afghan on the chair?  Seriously the boy is addicted.   Which works for me because I love making them :-)


The toys...I refuse to buy this kid a toy box.  The one thing I have loved about the Montessori baby room is the offering just a few toys at a time...all in a rotation of sorts...all out in a way he can actually see them and make a decision.  Adam and Haley had toy boxes and things would just get buried...toys forgotten and it was just silliness. Lucas will have fewer toys....but more toys with purpose and that build imagination and education as much as possible. You'll notice that things on the top shelf are soft and won't conk the poor babies head if he pulls them down on himself. The shelf is attached to the wall with these great brackets thatIkea actually included in the box!  Go Ikea!


My hands down favorite item in his room though... It really is no competition with anything else in his room.... It is artwork by Uncle Mikey (our old room mate from...oh a decade or so ago). He has always been one of my favorite artist and he was kind enough to gift this one to Aunt Jill years ago and she said it must go in Lucas's room since it was a perfect match!


Safety stuff... I have replaced his outlets with these fantastic covers fromBabies R Us. It's great how they just slide over if you need to get to the outlet!


The the folding doors.  Big worry for me because I could totally see him pinching his finger in these doors. I was happy happy happy to find that they make asolution for them now!


I purchased the safety wrap up thingy's for the curtains...


But turned out the cords were already a hot mess and so short he wouldn't be able to get to them anyway...lol! Thinking I must have done that when Haley occupied this room as a toddler lots of years ago... ...back before they had fancy "blind cord windups" .


Of course the bed is on the floor so he can crawl off but I really think that at the rate he is going we will end up getting him a new crib. He is just far to good at finding trouble. Last thing to share... His birdies...oh how he loves his birdies. They sing to him and put the image onto the ceiling at night and he just watches them till he conks right out. God Bless the Birdies!


Well that about sums it up for now :-) Baby Lucas finally has a baby room!