32 Candles { The Reading Corner


My friend Brandy was the first person I heard about 32 Candles from...and boy am I glad she posted it! My favorite line in the book has to be:

"I had never accepted another boy's Invitation to Crazy."

Pretty much sums up love...doesn't it? I have to admit that I have totally accepted Daryl's "Invitation to Crazy"....years and years ago. And that boy can a boy make a girl crazy.  Like psycho crazy. But it's ok to be psycho crazy in love with someone as long as it is mutual... Right? (God I hope so :-) Anyhow...this book. Well let's just say the second I finished reading it I did two things:

  1. Got online to see if the author had written any other books....cause if she had you know I would have been instantly  been downloading them to the trusty Nook reader.
  2. Realized that the character development for Davie was so good that I was bummed to be finished.  I really hate when I finish a good book and then instantly want more!

Who knows... maybe it was just the simple fact that any girl (such as myself) who had a thing for dreaming about "a Molly Ringwald ending" will totally fall in love with this book from beginning to end. And yes....I am lucky enough to have accepted my "Invitation to Crazy" and have my very own "Molly Ringwald ending" :-) I may just have to make this one a "I read it twice" book....