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I can't help it...I have a thing for children's literature. A few reasons. First I love that the kids and I can gab all day long about the books we are reading. By reading a book first I can figure out which kiddo will enjoy it the most...sometimes it's Adam and sometimes its Haley... Sometimes it both. I had picked up this book about a million times over the last year at the book store and just hadn't bothered yet... And then I found it on the local libraries download for Kindle and was like "Sold"!  Or I guess I should say "borrowed"!

The kids and I have a running joke that all books for the 3rd-middle school years are based upon kids being parentless...poor parents...or supernatural. All books that are Teen are about Vampires and witches.... Truly these combos are only good the first few books you read with each scenario...then it gets boring.

After the first few chapters of Peculiar ChildrenI was hooked. Finally a book not about Vampires and Witches!  Yes there are those "supernatural" children in there but hey...you can't have it all ;-)

Ransom Riggs is a man with the same weird hobby as myself. He collects old photos. Granted the boxes and boxes of old photos I have are mostly of my own family members (I am a bit of the family archivist) I will profess to having bought more than my fair share of random and odd old photos at thrift stores just for the simple fact that something about the image "talked" to me. I am mesmerized by looking at these old images and my thinking always goes something like.... At this point in that persons life they probably weren't thinking that one day they would no longer "be".  They were simply living their life and someone loved them enough to take their picture at that moment.

I love how generations before ours took the time to not only print (novel idea) their images BUT they also wrote on the back of many of their images. Normally stating who is in the picture and the year. Side rambling: Take a lesson from them folks...rename your images on your computer with the names of the people in them.  One day someone in your family will thank you! I typically name them something like this: Ruby_Lucas_64First_last_year  or some combo of info that prints on the back when sent to the lab.Our generations version of "writing on the picture".  Not half as cool looking...but useful just the same.

I loved Peculiar Children and hoping for a follow up book at some point. Until then I will definitely be picking up his next book that just came out this Fall Right up my alley!