Carpet Freshener without all the chemicals...

What's not to love about that?! I absolutely HATE chemical air fresheners. First off I wish people would take the time to learn what chemicals they are actually spraying/adding into there home under the impression that somehow they are "freshening" or "sanitizing" the air. Think I am being a bit dramatic?  Take the time toread thisand then decide if you want this stuff in your home with your children inhaling it all day long.

All that said... I am a girl who still likes her home to smell nice. Seriously...I love a good smelling home. What is a girl to do? It's an easy fix and cheap too.

Grab a bunch of Baking soda and add in your favorite essential oil until the smell is as strong or mild as you like it.


I have had this box of cat litter freshener for years and now all we do is find a piece of paper and make it a funnel... Add in the new baking soda mixture with the essential oil blended in. It's a very fancy method ;-)


So how do I use this lovely freshener?

  • The kitty litter box
  • Sprinkle it lightly on carpet and vacuum it up
  • Sprinkle it lightly on the furniture when it gets a bit musty (we have very old!)... vacuum it or beat it into the fabric.
  • It can even be used in the laundry...I add a little bit in with the sheets to give it a lovely lavender smell.
  • The diaper pail

I have a thing for lavender and tea tree oil but you can really use any oil you love. It may not work on every surface, couch or fabric but you can use your digression to figure out what it might work on best in your home. If you would like to make an oil burner it is super easy to useessential oilswith those as well!