Chicken Salad with Pine Nuts and Chia Seeds (can be gluten free)

Chicken salad....One of my favorites!  So easy to make!! What's not to love?!?!?



Chicken (I prefer breast to but you can use just about any part I suppose)MayoCeleryRed OnionGreen and black olivesPine NutsChia SeedsWhite PepperSaltVinegar

Right about now you are going "Amounts!  Why no amounts?!" The answer is a simple "There is no right or wrong ingredient amount...."  You simply put the amount of each ingredient into the bowl that you want. I do a few things in particular...

  1. The chicken spends the day simmering in the crockpot...because you guys know I am obsessed with my crockpot.  Just too easy.
  2. I prefer to put the uncooked (do not cook them!) onion and celery stalks into the food processor to chop them somewhat finely.  This makes it so the kiddos will eat it without complaints ;-)

Once I pull the chicken out I cut it into squares and then start throwing everything in a bowl with it!  The vinegar cuts the mayo a bit so I don't have to use as much mayo to get a great consistency and taste! You can spread it on bread, tortilla shells as a wrap, pitas, crackers even apple slices! Top it with your favorite cheese, sprouts, lettuce and in the case above...pea sprouts (YUM!)

If you really want to make the family can include the homemade potatoe chips above ;-) The kids scream with happiness when they see them...not exactly "health food" but healthier than a bag I suppose.  At least I know exactly what is in them. Adam declared tonight that he wants me to teach him how to make everything before he leaves home because he can't imagine not eating his favorite foods...I told him "no child of mine will ever leave home without knowing how to cook "real" food...nope won't happen!"