How about some fabric softener?

I am the first to admit I have an addiction to fabric softener.I normally am not a big fan of stinky stuff.... perfumes kill me!  Instant migraine.  BUT I love a good laundry softener.  It has always left my clothes smelling so much better than just using basic laundry detergent. When we threw out all of the household chemicals a few months ago out the door went the softener. I knew the softener would be one of the first things I would have to replace. Online I went to soon I had tried a few different recipes. I finally settled on this one as my favorite....


6 cups of water 3 Cups of white Vinegar 1 bottle of your favorite scented Organic/Paraben free hair conditioner (because what is the point in making your own products if you aren't going to take the crap out of them?) Favorite oil (I always go for Lavender because I love the stuff)


Some directions have you just adding the water with the condition...others have you adding HOT water... My favorite way? On the stove.  Start by heating up the water and vinegar to a boil.


Turn it off and set the pan to another burner. Add in the conditioner and oil and stir it all until it is nice and blended.


Once it is all blended together and cooled down a bit I pour it into jars.


All done!  Simply use it the same way you would any liquid softener. You will find it will clean out your washing machine as well!  It really clears the yuck out of a washing machine! :-)