Cordial making Part II


Remember the cordial making?   Oh yes...these babies have been brewing for a little over a month!  It was time to strain them and add some sugar.


I simply strained them....

Put the strained yummy stuff...but STRONG!!! cordial back into the jar. I personally like mine sweeter rather than tasting like a straight shot of liquor. I added at least 1 cup of sugar per jar and I left the vanilla beans in the jar. Vanilla beans can stay in a jar....forever and they just get stronger.  I love that!

FYI~  Taste test only when you are not going to have to drive anywhere...these are crazy strong!


Now...around here the Blueberry/Vanilla/Lemon Balm version won hands down! It is sooooooooo darn good! These will would make great Christmas gifts for the