Elderberry Syrup Recipe

I maybe new to this herbalism stuff but I have to share my favorite medicinal recipe so far.Why my favorite? Two reasons really...

  1. Elderberry is very well know for it's flu fighting properties.
  2. Because this recipe tastes yummy enough my kids won't turn their noses up and run from me...ok well really so I don't have to make "the face" and not want to take it myself when I need it.

The long and the short of it...I could give you tons of facts about Elderberries but since I am fairly new to it all I prefer to leave the "what it does and how" to the pro's.  The people who truly know this stuff. I simply follow recipes and listen to their sage words of wisdom.  I am but a student myself at this point :-) A student with 6 people in a house and the flu is my sworn enemy.  I have two different types of syrup going right now. One that I made in class with alcohol and one that is alcohol free for my kiddos. Not going to get into the debate on which method is best...I just know that this is the yummy method with which my kids will be happy to take.


2 tbl Frontier Cider Mate mix (Ok I cheat!  BUT if you can't find this in your local healthfood store just pick up: Cinnamon, allspice, orange and lemon peel, nutmeg, star anise, cloves, fenugreek, ginger....that is the "Cider mix") 3 1/2 cups of water 3/4 cups of Elderberries 1 cup of local honey (raw if possible)


Plop the lovelies into the water and let them slowly boil down.  I have read conflicting times for this. Anywhere from 3 mintues to 3 hours.  Me? I went with letting them simmer for about an hour (making the house smell great by the way.)


Once the time is up I set them to the side until they cool down a good bit. Then I strain the berries off and pour the elderberry juice into a jar and add the honey...


Stir them up and put them into their final jars... Label them.

and stick them in the fridge...


It should keep for 2-3 months in the fridge.  Be sure to google Elderberry syrup and do some reading on your own. I swear that is my favorite part to any new herbal medicine I am learning about...I love reading all the different viewpoints and uses.

And if you are wondering about the labels... I have been working on lots of them for the next Etsy store I am hoping to open in the next week or two. Because a girl as addicted to mason jars as myself knows one thing for sure...labels are require. Today I strained off tinctures for everything from Yarrow to Golden Rod and without labels I would be lost...


There was this point where I was holding up Nettle, Meadowsweet and Borage tinctures that were brewing and realizing I had forgot to label the Nettle and it took me ten minutes to remember it was Nettle... Labels are required because everything starts to look alike when they are all in the same kind of jars ;-) I shall keep you guys posted when it's up.