Now this is a cheese ball!

Ok I have a thing for cheese...really!I LOVE the stuff. Can't get enough....

But just like chocolate I have a taste for the real deal...not the stuff they pawn off as cheese/chocolate. FYI~ don't get me started on American chocolate ;-) This is the time of year though for cheese balls.  I wonder if cheeseballs at parties in a purely American thing or if they are universal? Hmmm...things to ponder.

Anyhow...I get lazy.  Or busy...or both. I need a quick party snack to share and this super easy cheese ball is my solution to "Crap!  I don't have time to make something fancy!" I buy plain goat cheese in bulk and freeze it so I always have a chunk of it here. Yes I know that is just crazytown...but goat cheese is just so versatile! Watch!

Grab the chunk of plain goat cheese... Some garlic cloves... Cilantro and Chives. I walk out to the garden but you can surly just used dried herbs from your pantry.


You chop up the cheese and throw it in a bowl with the mince garlic and herbs....


Mix it all up with the fork...throw it on plastic wrap


Make it into a nice molded shape


and call it a day...or a night...or a party! Woohoo... Or maybe just lunch?


I suppose if you wanted to make it a super pretty shape you could use a bowl or something. I however am lazy...or busy..or? There is a bonus. This cheese is great in cooking all around! This chunk ended up with a good part of it being in an asparagus casserole of sorts.  Oh it was amazing....