Healing Oatmeal Ointment

Ugh...You guys know I have been buried under the house projects.Especially last weekend!  It just figured that I was buried under gallons of paint and peeling old caulk off the showers and bam! Adam comes to me with his hands beat red with this rash from finger tips to above his wrist. Years ago I would have panicked and raced him to the urgent care for an allergy shot.  Adam and Haley have always been sensitive to preservatives and often have broken out in "mystery rashes" but this was clearly Eczema. I knew he was only a week out from being better from pneumonia and that he had to take a round of antibiotics for it...these things can trigger eczema in my kiddos.  Not sure which is to blame more...the respiratory illness/immune system down or the antibiotic (which was his first in a LONG time). I simply unburied myself and went on the cabinet hunt for an ointment  to make him. What I made him worked so well I had to share it here.

First off making your own ointments is about the easiest thing in the world.  Really...so darn easy. I do recommend keeping a double boiler for this exclusive reason.  I found one at a yard sale for a buck and keep it in the garage. What you will need:



1/2 cup Coconut Oil3 tbs Oatmeal (you can use Colloidal oatmeal which is already pulverized or blend organic oatmeal in a good food processor)a chunk of Beeswax (if you like a more solid ointment add a bit more....if you like a softer ointment add a bit less)1 tsp Shea ButterSt. John's Wort Calendula Oil Rosemary Essential Oil

Combine Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Shea Butter.  Once they are melted together in the pot I pull it off of the hot stove and blend in the Oatmeal (finely ground) until it is a smooth texture.  Once it is well blended I then add as many drops of St. John's Wort, Calendula (which I forgot to add in the picture) and rosemary oil as you would like. Pour it into a little tin (I get mine in bulk from Specialty Bottle) and let it cool.

By the next morning (after just one use) his rash was almost gone and by that evening it was down to just the scratches he had made himself from itching.  I am having him use it twice a day for at least the next week and then will use it as needed. It will never cease to amaze me that something so simple and natural can cure so fast. I wish I had taken photos but I was a bit distracted...lol! We had water filter installed the same day I was making the above ointment and Chris mentioned he has a skin issue on his forehead...yep I had him try it...he loved it...I made him some too. It's just too easy. Now here is another thing...we all keep going in his room and stealing a bit here and there for our own dry hands.  It makes a very nice healing ointment for this time of year especially!