it Spring yet?

What a week!  I can't believe it is already Thursday.It's a good thing week closer to Spring. I just can't get myself motivated to do much around here this mojo is off and I swear it is because we had a batch of beautiful days that I was able to get outside with.  And then "poof" back to cold.  It ruined me. The Winter that will not end. Or maybe I am just really content with being a home body lately? Lots of time off line (that is pretty cool actually...I truly do not enjoy the internet so much these days)... Lots of crocheting... Lots of scrapbooking (yes...I have found my way back to paper sniffing...full circle)... Lots of just cuddling with the family and surviving these last few cold months.


Each week I am now babysitting an adorable little gal who has quickly stolen the whole families heart with her over the top cuteness. Twice a week she comes to play and Lucas promptly cries when she leaves. Each morning they start off with their very own "board meeting"...I throw the board books on the table and they read and babble... And be cute.

I will be getting back to blogging more DIY stuff and projects I have been up to...when I find the time and desire to get online. For now...back to hibernation ;-)