And then it was in full swing...

Woot Woot!  We have the beginnings of a house!
Lucas and I went out and flew my drone around this weekend to catch the foundation stage.
I must say...flying it out there is addictive!  The view is ridiculously beautiful. 
I can only imagine the drone sunsets over the lake.  Can't wait!!

This weekend Haley and I went rambling around Homearama...dreaming about how we are going to decorate the new house.
I took like a million pics and will be sharing them over on the Instagram account each day for those who love dreaming along with us.  We are really enjoying checking out all the latest interior design trends and know many of you can't make it out to the houses or live states away.
I am always fascinated by how different home decor design is different from place to place. 



If you are in the Richmond VA area I highly recommend taking a day and visiting the houses!  
They are beautiful <3
Now to get back to packing!