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If you ask me what I came to do in this world,
I, an artist, will answer you:
I am here to live out loud.

~Emile Zola

I have been writing this little corner of my world for a decade. Oh the changes I have been through on here. Granted most posts now live in archives since kids grow up and deserve their privacy. I am so thankful for those journals though.
You guys have followed along with us through babies, illnesses, layoffs, deaths, busy photography studio, growing of passions and interests…found talents and dreams.
It’s been a wonderful decade.
But times have changed and so has the blogging world. I receive requests daily for me to start vlogging. When I finally made the decision to give it a try it was NOT an easy decision. What mid-life woman says “Ya know…I think I want to be on the other side of the lens with my grey hair and wrinkles for the world to pick to pieces.”
I’m clearly crazy.
I have finally managed to learn just enough of Premier to be dangerous and learning to shoot video as opposed to still images is coming along. This time next year I will have it down.
Today? Well you guys we are once again on a new journey together.
It’s about to get interesting….


The Grower’s Alchemist Project

About a decade ago a good friend also asked if I would like to come out and take some pictures of this new farm they had been building. Always up for an adventure with my camera, of course, I said “Heck ya! Sign me up!”
The farms mission was/is to work with communities to ensure access to healthy food and the support to live healthy lives. I fell in love.
I kept coming…and coming…and coming.
Mesmerized by their growth and passion. Passion is contagious you know. It didn’t take long before I found myself addicted to tumbling around farms of all kinds.
As my own children grew up I knew I wanted my own farm.
Or did I?
If my connection with these hardworking friends has taught me nothing else it would have to be that growing food for the masses is NOT an easy magic trick.
They struggle and have to learn to deal with Mother nature and all the unpredictable things she throws at them. All the while for a population that knows very little about where that food in that grocery store even comes from.
You mean it doesn’t just come from the truck to your pantry?

Having heard over and over from my farmers and readers that my images and stories were needed felt a bit like the universe intervening to say “No farm for you just yet…you are doing exactly what I need you to.”

My documenting their lives in a way that shares their hard work in a beautiful yet honest way as well as documenting my own homesteading ways is my contribution to sharing the knowledge I glean every single time I step on a farm and they share with me.
I have walked onto more farms in my life than most farmers will in their own lifetime.
Every farm I visit teaches me something new.
If they have a problem I know typically who they need to contact (I know ALOT of farmers)…if they need help setting up their technology and social media…if they need images and video reels…If they need a hug and an extra pair of hands with a strong back that day…I am there.
I landed right where I am supposed to be.
Maybe one day I will have my own farm…maybe. For now I will settle for crossing the US documenting people with a passion for plants and feeding us. Camera in hand ready to tell their stories.
The Grower’s Alchemist…

“The secret is here in the present.
If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it.
And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better."

-- The Alchemist” 
― Paulo Coelho

oils copy.jpg

Essential Oils

I love essential oils because they help support my family in a safe and natural way.  I use them every day and in all ways from cleaning to supporting health & wellness.
I personally love Young Living and love sharing their uses!


Why I sell Products

You guys know I love my farms…
Give me all the farms.
I want to talk to all the growers, all the gardeners and all the homesteaders.
I want to travel, learn and document. I want share the knowledge and stories along the way.
Young Living, my jewelry and my photography are what allow me to fund my many adventures coming in 2019.
Everything you purchase from Bramble Hill goes back into new products and travel funds!
I can’t thank you guys enough for your support of this 2-3 year project. Without your support I wouldn’t be able to pull it all off!

A Truly Clean House

Thieves Household Cleaner is one of my favorite products that Young Living makes.  
One capful + water + bottle = clean happy non-toxic home.

You can use this cleaner on pretty much everything, it is very versatile in the fact that I use it to clean pretty much everything.  

The Premium Start Set

Motherhood changed when I purchased my starter kit. Lucas was born “stuffy”. The child was allergic to the world. Babies can’t take medicine and I was desperate for a way to help him breathe, especially at night.  I started using oils to diffuse in his room by ordering from friends here and there, and trying different companies, but it wasn't until I ordered my own kit and got 11 at one time PLUS a diffuser that I really dug in deep.  
We use essential oils for EVERYTHING now.  We are rarely at the doctors office, and as a mama of three, that is quite the accomplishment! The youngest has yet to be on antibiotics in his 7 years.