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The Premium Starter Kit…

Motherhood changed when I purchased my starter kit.
Lucas was born “stuffy”. The child was allergic to the world.
Babies can’t take medicine and I was desperate for a way to help him breathe, especially at night.  I started using oils to diffuse in his room by ordering from friends here and there, and trying different companies, but it wasn't until I ordered my own kit and got 11 at one time PLUS a diffuser that I really dug in deep.  

We use essential oils for EVERYTHING now.  We are rarely at the doctors office, and as a mama of three, that is quite the accomplishment! The youngest has yet to be on antibiotics in his 7 years.  Through these oils along with my herbs I am able to really run a non toxic household more often than not. 

If it seems overwhelming,  Let me help!  The Young Living Essential Oil premium starter kit comes with 11 different essential oils that support every single one of the body systems.  It also comes with a gorgeous medical grade diffuser.  When you buy a starter kit from me, it also places you in to our exclusive private FB group where you will be able to watch live informational classes for free, including a kit oils 101 class that will explain everything you need to know to get using your kit as soon as it arrives!  You will also be able to enter giveaways, and have me as your support for questions you may have! 

**Purchasing the starter kit as a 'member' means in the future you get 24% off all future purchases!  And the best part?  You do not have a monthly fee or minimum purchase requirements.  You never have to sell anything to your friends.  If you want to keep your account active there is a requirement for a $50 purchase once a year, that's it! If you choose to only be a retail customer, you do not get the benefit of the 24% off, but can still make any purchases you want! 

With the desert mist diffuser, the premium starter kit is $160.  There are also few other diffusers to choose from if you want something different!