Why Young Living?

If you have spent even five minutes on this blog you will know a few things about my world already. The biggest being I am a nature kindof gal, often described as “crunchy”.
I literally tried all of the oil brands out there. All. Of. Them.
I am not a brand loyalist normally. I find that I tend to feel only a few companies in this industry are worth my money. When I started looking at these oils I use daily as an opportunity to help support my farm project do you know how over joyed I was to hear that they open the doors to their farms? Literally y’all I can roll up on their farms during my travels and truly see where my oils are coming from and how they are processed!
The farm girl geek in me was like “Heck ya!!! Utah here I come!”.

In all honesty I am NOT the kindof oil mama that will tell you to drink the stuff or that it will cure cancer and anything else that may ail you.
What I will tell you is that oils are a support. Oils are an over the counter option for me for the little bumps, lumps and sniffles life throws at us. If I have a headache I will probably grab an oil first. If I have a carsick kid I will hand them the peppermint roller that stays in the car. Kid with a stuffy nose, the snifflease goes straight into the diffuser.
Cleaning my house without chemicals….making it smell like heaven with a diffuser…
Well these are my uses.

If there isn’t an oil for to fit my needs I move onto herbs (an entirely different post).
Plants are amazing my friends. Absolutely amazing.